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Airfield Giant Convertible EDF Power RC Glider Kit 2400mm Wingspan RC Remote Control Radio
  • Airfield Giant Convertible EDF Power RC  Glider Kit 2400mm Wingspan RC Remote Control Radio
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The Airfield Giant Glider is an excellent sailplane for the pilot looking to soar the skies all day on a single charge! With a wingspan of 94.5 inches the Giant Glider will sail the skies for hours as long as you keep it soaring in the thermals. Take it to the cliffs or a beach and enjoy the graceful nature of gliding.  When combined with a brushless outrunner motor and brushless electronic speed controller, this glider does not need to be towed. Toss it in the air and power away with authority. If you get a speed craving convert the power system to the included 65mm ducted fan unit and be exhilarated with speed.

When the wind calms down or the thermals diminish the power setup is enough to help you find that next soaring session. The large wingspan makes for an awesome gliding machine and is one of our finest gliders. Built in wingtips are also molded to ensure a true to scale airfoil allowing the pilot to experience smooth and versatile flying characteristics. This model is at home gliding on a slope. Its thermal sailing performance is exceptional and the wings are sufficiently strong to withstand some aerobatic maneuvers. Like a full-scale counterpart the wing form looks especially graceful and unique in the air. The combination of the low drag horizontal and vertical stabilizers and uncompromised aerodynamic design of the sleek fuselage provide unprecedented gliding performance at low speeds and high wing loadings.

If you do happen to smack the side of the cliff or have a bad landing, the EPO construction ensures less damage to the airframe. The removable canopy gives you quick and easy access to your receiver and battery changes. The single wheel under the belly of the fuselage serves as a landing gear. This Airfield Giant Glider is a very capable glider in an awesome Kit package. The airframe is your canvass. Create and assemble the most awesome glider with your own servos and power system and enjoy the beauty of flight.

Wingspan: 2400MM(94.49inch)
Length: 1518MM(59.77inch)
Flying Weight: 2250~2300g 

All electronics are required. 

Required to Fly:
4 Cell Battery
4 Cell lipo battery charger
Minimum 4 channel receiver
Minimum 4 channel transmitter
Assembly of Plane

Recommended Configuration:
Propeller version
Motor:  Out runner brushless AT3010-920KV
ESC: 40A Brushless ESC
Servo: 17g*6
Propeller: 8*6inch

Ducted Fan version
Motor:  Out runner brushless D2830B-3000KV;
ESC: 40A Brushless ESC
Servo: 17g*6
Ducted Fan: 65mm

Airfield Giant Convertible 95A289 Spare Parts
Main wing
Main wing8/23/2013
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Regular: $133.12
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Out of stock
Horizontal tail
Regular: $26.25
SALE $17.50

Vertical tail
Vertical tail8/23/2013
Regular: $18.75
SALE $12.50

Propeller power system (with motor)
Regular: $54.38
SALE $36.25
Out of stock
Ducted fan power system (with motor)
Regular: $61.88
SALE $41.25
Out of stock
Ducted fan assembling set
Regular: $16.88
SALE $11.25

8*6inch Propeller
Regular: $3.75
SALE $2.50
Out of stock
Propeller assembling set
Regular: $10.88
SALE $7.25
Out of stock
Cabin with pliot
Regular: $20.62
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Regular: $7.50
SALE $5.00

Ducted fan connector
Regular: $7.88
SALE $5.25

Metal Regulator
Regular: $3.75
SALE $2.50
Out of stock
Screws set
Screws set8/23/2013
Regular: $3.75
SALE $2.50
Out of stock
Main wing rod
Main wing rod8/23/2013
Regular: $5.62
SALE $3.75
Out of stock
steel wire set
Regular: $3.75
SALE $2.50

Y wire set
Y wire set8/23/2013
Regular: $6.75
SALE $4.50
Out of stock
Velcro backing
Regular: $3.38
SALE $2.25

17g servo(60mm)
Regular: $10.88
SALE $7.25
Out of stock
17g servo(400mm)
Regular: $10.88
SALE $7.25
Out of stock
40A Brushless ESC
Regular: $48.38
SALE $32.25
Out of stock
Out runner brushless D2830B-3000KV
Regular: $45.75
SALE $30.50

Regular: $40.50
SALE $27.00

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