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Airfield 1470mm 5 Channel B-25 Bomber Twin Brushless Power Extreme Detail RC Radio Control WarBird Airplane RTF w/ Electric Retract (Silver) RC Remote Control Radio
  • Airfield 1470mm 5 Channel B-25 Bomber Twin Brushless Power Extreme Detail RC Radio Control WarBird Airplane RTF w/ Electric Retract (Silver) RC Remote Control Radio
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The Airfield B-25 Mitchell RTF Version Comes Out Of The Box Is 90% Finished, With Full Servos , Out runner Brushless Motor x 2 , Brushless ESC x 2 & Electric Servo less Retract Landing Gear Installed, and ready to fly RTF.

The new Airfield B-25 Mitchell is a fantastic large scale model that has both the design and appearance of the real bomber. The B25 has plenty of power for short distance take-offs and aerobatic action, not forgetting the retracts which finish off the realism of this superb bomber. Amaze all around you as you showcase your talents with this amazing model.

The B-25 Mitchell is constructed from a highly durable EPO-FLEXY foam. The kit itself is pre-assembled and includes a whopping 8 9g servos to move all of the control surfaces. It has a massive wingspan of 1470mm and is a whopping 1130mm long. The all up flying weight of the model is 1930g once you've added a receiver and 3 cell 11.1v li-po battery. Two brushless 40A ESC's are installed to power the twin brushless motors and drive the scale 3 bladed counter rotating props. The model also has working navigational LEDS to complete the scale appearance.

FLY RC MAGAZINE Flight Report by Mike Lee

There have been many models of the venerable B-25 Mitchell bomber, and for good reason. Modelers like warbirds, and this warbird has a generous wing size, good tail moments and it's a twin-engine aircraft. So it lends itself to being a very easily adapted design from full-scale to model size. One of the latest B-25 models is from Airfield RC and sold by Nitroplanes in the U.S. It is a faithful sport-scale reproduction of the B-25, including the mild "gull" wing design that is overlooked by many examples.
 The B-25 depicted by Airfield RC replicates the B-25D named Tondelayo, after famous screen actress Hedy Lamarr in her starring role of the 1942 film, "White Cargo." This particular 500th BS, 345th BG (known as the Air Apaches) bomber was one of three aircraft known for its remarkable mission conducted on October 18, 1943, against a 6,000 ton cargo ship near Rabaul. Tondelayo and its wingmen successfully attacked the ship, but the flight was jumped by some 50 enemy fighters while trying to return to base. In a period of 75 minutes and while skimming the ocean surface to prevent a belly attack by the fighters, Tondelayo's top turret gunner shot down five fighters, and another four splashed into the ocean trying to make their attack on the bomber. The plane barely made it back, flying on one engine and losing both of its wingmen in the process. It required some six months of repair to return Tondelayo to service, but by then, the plane was national symbol of heroism.

    Our review aircraft features a lot for the sport-scale modeler. The construction is basically an all-foam airframe using EPO plastic foam. The texture is tight and devoid of the typical "beady" look with holes and cracks. Along with the basic flight controls, the B-25 also has a very good set of electric retracts with sequencing gear doors. And if that's not enough, it has lighting on the wing's leading edge! What I also though was very nice to include was not only pilot figures in the cockpit but also most of the crew members in the gun positions.

    It's a large model with removable wings, which makes it convenient to place into a small car. Power is provided by twin brushless motors that run in counter-rotating directions to offset any torque effects when applying power. Our review aircraft is the RTF Version, which includes all servos, ESCs, retracts sequencer circuit, lights, receiver and transmitter on 2.4GHz. A couple of nights of assembly work and you hit the runway! There is also an ARF version does not include a radio transmitter, receiver or main battery, while the kit version features the airframe only.



- Precision Scale And High Performance Aircraft.
- With Pilot Figure Include & Installed.
- With Electric Servo less Retract Landing Gear Include And Installed.
- Material: Durable EPO
- Wing Span: 1,470mm ( 57.87in )
- Length: 1,130mm ( 44.48in )
- Flying Weight: Around 1,930g
- Servo: 9g Servo x 8
- Landing Gear : Electric Servo less Retract Landing Gear
- Motor: Powerful Out runner Brushless Motor x 2
- ESC: 40A Brushless ESC x 2
- Propeller: 3 Blade Propeller With Spinner x 2
- Battery: Li-Po 11.1V 3300mAh 25C
- Radio: 6 Ch Radio Control

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93A325 Airfield B25
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Balance Charger
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6CH 2.4GHz Transmitter
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Sky Lipo 3300mAh 11.1V 40C
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