JCX-M6 3 Axis Gyro for Airplane
JCX-M6 3 Axis Gyro for Airplane
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Introducing the new JCX-M6, this is a flight controller designed for fixed wing airplanes. ItíŽs capable of performing calculations for flying wings, elevators, and rudder to compensate in real time to provide stable flight. The JCX-M6 features special flight assistance which helps control flight modes. Inverted flight, slanting flight, and hanging flights are available without compromise. Under windy conditions the gyro will help provide control for 3D flying. Flying mode and gyro sensitivity can be set on the on board dip switches and sensitivity potentiometer. Activating and de-a"ivating the gyro can be controlled via an assigned switch programmed to your transmitter. All 3 axis parameters can be manually adjusted on the board via the potentiometer dials for rudder, aileron, and elevator.


1.lt is supports various types of fixed-wing, flying-wing, and V-tail.

2. Its small size of 30x42mm, weight of 6g, and perfect configuration make it easily to be installed and used in any size plane.

3. Stable flight: In enhanced-stability mode, the gyroscope automatically adjusts to compensate for fixed wings, elevators, and rudders. This enhances wind-resistance capability and reduces stall failure to allow for more stable flight. 3D flights such as inverted flight, slanting flight, and hanging flight become easy and do not compromise the controllability.

4. Stunt flight assistance: Stunt flight modes, besides providing stable flight, it features a flight locked function by high-precision digital gyro that automatically locks the channels of Aileron, Elevator, and Rudder. This function makes inverted flight, slanting flight, hangi

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