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Dynam F6F Hellcat RC 5 Channel Warbird Almost Ready to Fly WingSpan 1270mm RC Remote Control Radio
  • Dynam F6F Hellcat RC 5 Channel Warbird Almost Ready to Fly WingSpan 1270mm RC Remote Control Radio
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Just prior to the outbreak of American involvement in World War II, the U.S. Navy, having heard reports of a superb fighter produced by the Japanese, realized that the current Navy fighters, the F4F Wildcat and the F2A Buffalo, were close to, if not already, obsolete. Grumman Aircraft won a contract to produce a fighter that would match the performance of the fighters produced by the Axis powers. The F6F was the result. By January 1943 the Navy was receiving a steady supply of Hellcats, quickly proving the design while pressing the airplanes into service fighting the many sea battles of the Pacific. Although unable the match the Zero’s turning abilities, the Hellcat pilots learned to use the airplane’s greater horsepower, speed, and firepower to win battles.

Dynam RC is proud to bring you a scale EPO foam recreation of the F6F Hellcat. It features a high performance 500KV brushless motor and 40amp brushless electronic speed controller. It also comes equipped with a totally redesigned electrical retract system allowing the pilot to tuck the landing system out of the way and reduce drag. The Dynam Hellcat is flap ready with cutout for flap servos positioned to make installation of flaps a breeze.

The Dynam F6F Hellcat is a great looker in the air and shows excellent flight characteristics at both high and low speed. It is made from super durable EPO foam and while deliver hours upon hours of enjoyable flight time.  

This almost ready to fly version comes with the power system, servos, and retracts installed. You will need a 14.8v 2200mah battery, a charger capable of charging the 14.8v Li-Po battery, 2.4ghz radio system to complete the build and ready the plane for flight.

Please note: The Dynam retracts are not compatible with the Airtronics FHSS-1 radio system, they will work with their new FHSS-2 and FHSS-3 radio system.

Key Features:
- Scale and High Performance Aircraft
- Durable EPO foam construction
- Pilot Figure in Cockpit
- Perfect Roll, Loops, Inverted and Edge Flight
- Electric Servoless Rotating Retract
- Scale 3 Bladed Propeller
- Steerable tail wheel
- Pre-wired Navigation Lights
- High performance brushless power system
- Suitable For Intermediate to Advanced Pilots

Wingspan:                           1270mm (50in)
Overall Length:                    1054mm (41.5in)
Wing Loading:                      53g/d㎡
Servo:                                   9gx4pcs
Speed Controller:                  40A Brushless
Motor Size:                            BM3720A-KV500 Brushless Outrunner
Flying Weight:                       1600g(56.5oz)

Required to Fly:
AA batteries for the transmitter
Charger capable of charging 4 cell Li-Po Battery
14.8v 2200mah Li-Po Battery
5 Channel Radio Receiver
5 Channel Radio Transmitter

Dynam F6F DY8958 Spare Parts
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Landin gear set
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Blade holder
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Push rod
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E-retract  4.1 90  -45
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Glass Fibre Tube
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Servo Horn
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13*7*3 Propeller
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