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450V3 Torque Tube Drive Assembly HS1298
  • 450V3 Tail boom mount set(L) x 1
  • 450V3 Tail boom mount set(R) x 1
  • Aluminum hexagonal bolt x 7(3x22mm)
  • 450V3 Tail Drive Gear Assembly x 1(Φ16.8x30.4mm)
  • 450V3 Front long umbrella gear x 1(Φ6xΦ10.8x17.85mm)
  • 450V3 Front short umbrella gear x 1(Φ2.7xΦ10.8x6.7mm)
  • Bearing MR83ZZ x 4(Φ3xΦ8x3mm)
  • Bearing MR106ZZ x 4(Φ6xΦ10x3mm)
  • Socket button head screw x6(M2x14mm)
  • Socket button head screw x8(M2x6mm)
  • Washer x 1(Φ1.5xΦ5x0.5mm)
  • Tail torque tube unit x 1
  • Vertical stabilizer mount x 1
  • Socket screw x2(M2x18mm)
  • 347 Tail boom x 1(Φ11xΦ12x347mm)
  • Torque tube x 1(Φ3.1xΦ3.6x347mm)
  • Bearing MR84ZZ x 1(Φ4xΦ8x3mm)
  • Tail boom brace x2
  • Socket button head collar screw x4(M2x8mm)
  • Socket button head self tapping screw x1(T2x8mm)
  • M2.5 Special washer x 2(Φ2.5xΦ6x2mm)
  • Tail blade x 2

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